What Does & Engaging& Mean for Article Ranking?

There is a handful of marketing industry buzzwords that have floated around for years. One of the most notorious is “engaging.” It seems like the perfect buzzword. It is a word that seems to mean a whole lot, but in reality lacks any kind of specifics or substance. “Engaging” is similar to the term “think outside the box.” What does that even mean? In regards to Search Engine Optimization ranking, the term “engaging” has some substance. Marketers only need to look at the nuances and find a way to make that work.

Engaging is related to interesting. What do readers do with interesting content? They will typically share content they find interesting. There are thousands of ways to share. Readers can do everything from send a link to call their friend over from across the street. Sharing, in a marketing sense, usually refers to a social media share. Websites will include many social media links on the page, including but not limited to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Engaging Content Ranks Well

Engaging also means “worth talking about.” If content is engaging people, they will care. One way they show that they care is by commenting. A Website Designer has little control over the quantity of comments, only what comments are posted. They can maintain “order” in the comments by deleting bad ones and acting as a moderator. Traditionally, apps and other plug-ins will help mediate the commenting flurry that can happen with a particularly engaging topic.

Comments Galore

Articles with a lot of comments with typically result in a higher SEO ranking. It will, at the least, contribute to a better ranking overall for whatever keywords it contains. The use of comments in ranking may not be a lot, but it speaks a lot about how engaging the content is.

A lot of comments leads the Google algorithm to assume that the content is engaging. It also suggests that the content is an authority on the source because it is starting a viable and strong discussion. This is not always the case, as many poorly written yet widely-talked about articles has proven. But, it is a great step in the right direction.

The core of the term “engaging” means to get readers to share it and get readers to talk about it. If both of these things happen, the content is engaging. Interestingly, an article could be posted, raw and “normal,” and still rank high with an SEO Marketing Consultant. The reason is that people care. It is engaging.


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